Q: Roll Tide

PAX: One Hit, Fun Run, Mr. Fix It, Sub, Sherlock, Roll Tide

Warm Up:

Daisy Pickers x 10 ic
Imperial Walkers x 10 ic
Chinooks x 10 ic

Crab walk to the cones about 100 yards away.
Down at the bottom of the hill on the bottom parking lot we did:

Dora 2222
200 – alligator merkins
200 – zebra kicks
200 – star jacks
200 – leg raises
P1 does the work
P2 reverse bear crawl up the hill
flap jack until all work complete

COP howling monkeys
x 10
x 5
x 3

COP merkin wave x 7

Mosey to Mary
Flutter kicks x 25 ic
Flutter kicks x 10 ic
Flutter kicks high x 10 ic
Flutter kicks low x 10 ic
box cutter x 10 ic
reverse box cutter x 10 ic
toe touch x 10 ic
toe touch low x 10 ic
Hold a reverse plank for 40 seconds

Sub 4th man
Praise – to be out here
Roll Tide’s M starting to ruck daily
Prayer – One Hit’s relationship with Huffy
Roll Tide – students coming from Dublin Middle School for plant tour today