Q: OneHit

PAX: Freebird, Downy, Spackler, Fun Run, Mr Fixit, OneHit

5 brave souls saw OneHit on the Q and decided to post in the gloom anyway. Good work men!!!

INTRO: disclaimer, core principles, mission statement & credo

WARM-O-RAMA: bear hugs, chinooks, daisey pickers, windmills x12
SSH x 25

Baton death March (Indian run to macon pool, man in back does 3 burpees and sprints to the front)

Circle up for 12 big arm circles forward & reverse

Mosey back to the yard in front of sandy playground.


5 rounds of Swerkin pull-ups :

10 swerkins (merkin with feet in swing and pull knees to chest)
Run across the yard to other playground and do 10 pull-ups.
Circle up after 5 rounds.

Next up was a couple rounds of kraken 7-11’s
3 kraken burpees, followed by 7 bear crawls and 11 mountain climbers,
Rinse and repeat with 11 Peter Parker’s.

Bear crawl from cross walk to cross walk in parking lot at pickup line

Mosey to Mary

MARY: 50 lbc oyo followed by 2 American hammers

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – 2.0 & the scrape
Prayer/Praise – prayer for us all and particularly for times when we have to have difficult conversations & all involved.

Love you men!