Q: Spackler

PAX: In honor of Cardinal (F3 Knoxville) we each gave our name as Cardinal- Maestro, Freebird, IKEA, Bob the Builder, One Hit, Myrtle (RR), Tater Salad, Downey, Fun Run, Spackler

INTRO: Disclaimer- Welcome to F3- Fitness, Fellowship and Faith, 5 Core Principles, Mission Statement and Credio (sort of). Advised we were going to do Cardinal’s VQ workout and a little background on him- encourage everyone to go back on Slack and read Zerb’s write up on him from Sunday

Cardnial’s V-Q

15- Side Straddles Hops
10- Tempo Merkins*
10- Flutter Kicks Double Count
10- Little Baby Arm Circles Forward
10- “ “ Backward
10- Hallujahs
10- Knoxville Cherry Pickers*
20 Sec. Samson Hold*
PHELPS it out
10- Willie Mayes Hayes

“Card’s Run and Repeat”
5- Burpees – Burpee Counter 10
Big Boys
Heels to Heaven
Ran around the carpool circle

Took a moment of silence for Cardinal, his wife and 2 kids and the men of F3 Knoxville

10- Burpees Burpee Counter 30
Little Baby Crunches
Mt. Climbers Double Count
Run the circle and repeat
15- Burpees Burpee Counter 60
Air Squats
Freddy Mercury’s
Run the circle and repeat
When you return hold squat until all Pax have finisher
20- Burpees Burpee Counter 100
We ran the circle as a group
Total of 100- Burpees
10- Big Boys
10- Heels to Heaven
20- Crunches
20- Mt. Climbers
30- Air Squats
30- *Air Bike rides
¾- Mile run

Maestro had 8 more burpees left in him so we finished them as a group
15 Dying Cockroaches
15 Hello Dollys
Hold 6’ until time called

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – A myriad of 5ks coming up- especially the Cantrell 5k Beachbody is running. Check out Macon Trax for more 5ks coming up. Grow Ruck in DC. Buyak’s pop up at FPD Sunday at 3p
Prayer/Praise – Before we got to this, YHC shared Cardinal has been on my mind and the reality that tomorrow is no guarantee. We have talked about this all week- go read the COTs from this week plus Maestro’s post urging us to Get Right. Get right with Fitness- beat the fart sack. Get right with Fellowship- your relationships with these brothers, friends, family and your M or significant other. Most importantly with Faith- get right with God. He LOVES us! He has given us today so make the most of it. If you are disappointed about something you did yesterday or something stupid you did last week or a regret from last year, do something about it today- if you need to repent, repent. If you need to apologize, say you are sorry and mean it. If you need forgiveness, ask for it and if you need to forgive, do it. You will free yourself. It is up to you as to what you do today. Work hard and do the right thing. I know Cardinal was proud of what he was doing when he went to God. I want you to be proud of what you are doing when it is YOUR turn.

Praise for Tater’s friend who just got a good job when the money was about to run out. Praise and Prayer for F3- YHC is handling over the Thursday Yard Site Q to Fun Run and will be the Ruck Q. Asking for prayer in this new role. Prayer for Rambler- he is searching for a community. Prayer for Peaches for his surgery on Monday.

Love you guys!