Q: Free Bird

PAX: Mr. Fix It, Spackler (R), One Hit, Sub, Bob the Builder, Downy, Flomax, Fun Run, Run Flat, Maestro, Roll Tide, IKEA, Onesie – FNG, Free Bird

INTRO: Welcome – Great turnout on this balmy winter morning; Extended disclaimer provided; 5 core principles, mission statement, and creedo all recited.

WARM-O-RAMA: Mountain Climbers, Don Quixotes, Tie Fighters, Daisy Pickers, Bear Hugs, Krakken Burpees x 5

THE THANG: Theme for today was Fighting Uphill Battles. Thankful to have the men of F3 to walk alongside during life’s battles.

Mosey to The Hill – circle up for exercises followed by hill climb after each exercise.
Merkin Jacks – Hill Sprint
Calf Raises – Bernie Sanders up Hill
180 Jump Squats – Bear Crawl up Hill
Tempo Merkins – Hill Sprint
Alternating Side Lunges – Bernie Sanders up Hill
Stagger Merkins – Bear Crawl up Hill

Mosey up The Hill one more time and down to the basketball court.
Partner Up: Partner 1 AMRAP pull ups while Partner 2 held superman pose (2 rounds)
Pump Jack: YHC led even team and Fix It led odd team in alternating rounds of 5 merkins while other team held plank. 5 or 6 rounds were completed.
Plank-O-Rama (for Fun Run) – YHC called out high, low, side, snowflake planks for several minutes.

MARY: Little Mermaids, Gas Pumps, Freddie Mercurys, Box Cutters, Pretzel Crunches

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Macon Rocks fellowship event tomorrow evening Friday the 13th.
Prayer/Praise – Congratulations to Mr. Fix It on getting engaged last night. Thankful for answered prayers for Run Flat in finding a great new manager in Onesie. Wisdom for Flomax in hiring new folks. Prayers for hundreds of kids and leaders heading to AWAKE in TN this weekend with Ingleside Church. Prayers for the family, friends, and F3 Knoxville after the untimely passing of Cardinal. See slack for ways to support them.