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Today we Celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and told his story through a beatdown.

The year is 385 and Rome controlled most of the known world.

Train like Roman Soldiers:
When on the move, a Roman soldier would be required to run in formation 18.9 miles (20 Roman miles) in 5 hours with full pack (60 lbs.) and gear.

March – then – Mosey while maintaining formation – 1/2 mile in Cadence.
Broad Jump – A Roman soldier must broad jump his height.
Box Jump

The Shamrock – 3 Leaf Clover:
Patrick used the 3 Leaf Clover to tell the Celts about The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Three Stations were set up in 3 leaf clover fashion and a 1:20 timer was set at the end of the timer PAX would move to the next station in a rotating fashion, 3 Sets.
Station 1 – The Pull Up x10
Station 2 – The Merkin x20
Station 3 – Air Squats x30

1 – Round of F3@The Yard Capture The Flag (see Pre-blast for description and rules)
The Fighting Farmers won the battle over the Raiding Celts.

5 Burpees were performed by all PAX to celebrate the Farmer’s Victory!
Box Jump x20OYO

Pax Choice:
@Mr. Fixit – American Hammer x20IC
@Matlock – Monkey Humpers 20OYO
@Tater – Gas Pump Heals to Heaven 20IC
@Splash – Moroccan Night Club 20IC

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.

Announcements –
Say it with me… ALL NIGHT RUCK – This Friday @10PM Kroger Parking Lot on Forsyth.
Clay Shoot to Benefit Cross Roads on April 8th.

Prayer/Praise –
Wade’s Sister