Q: Roll Tide

PAX: Cub, Weezer, Mountain Momma

INTRO: We started with 2 and added 2 more as we made our way through the first evolution.

WARM-O-RAMA: Cotton Pickers x 11 ic
Big arm circles x 7 ic
Bear hug x 10 ic
SSH x 25 ic

Mosey a few feet away and start a jacobs ladder 1-21 merkins bear crawl 10 yards down cheetah sprint back

While waiting for 6 start with 21 flutter kicks down to 1 crab walking between.

Mosey back to the flag
Lunge walk down and around the fountain.
5 core principles
We named them and were rewarded with 25 2ct. Mountain climbers

Went to the solo pull up bar and each pax took turns hanging and/or pulling up. Other pax would do big boi situps based on number of pullups or seconds spent hanging.
After nearly 75 big boi situps we found the swings set and did some partner work.

P1 amrap swerkins p2 amrap ssh when p1 failed flap jack.
Rinse and repeat

Found some logs to do 25 calf raises oyo
Mosey back to where we did Jacobs ladder

Burpee broad jump to the flag

MARY: amrap leg raises 1 minute

COT: amazing how the seemingly insignificant things like commz or leading a workout actually really do make you better at things that do matter in your life. Mountain Momma 2nd man.
Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – look for opportunities to serve as the holidays approach. Freed to lead!
Prayer/Praise – Cub – student struggling
Roll Tide – rediscover vulnerability
Weezer – love his wife well