Q: Dill

PAX: Sag, Dill, Micro, Rubber, Preach(Respect), Tonka, Chaps, TI, Weezer

Welcome, Disclaimer, 5 Core Principles, Mission Statement, Credo

Bear hug 12 IC
Imperial Walker 12 IC
Big Arm Circle 12 IC
Daisy Picker 12 IC
Hillbillies 12 IC

Shared with Pax that Buick came to the Foxhole on Thursday and challenged us what “Picking up the 6” meant to us. I was honest with them I couldn’t think of anything because my brain doesn’t function too well at 5:15am. Later that day the verse “Iron sharpens Iron, as one man sharpens another” kept coming into my brain. My thought was this is exactly what picking up the 6 means to me and why F3 is so special to me. Perfect example from the Bible, that God doesn’t want us in isolation. We are called to have relationships within our community to build each other up, to sharpen each other.

Mosey to Mercer

Stopped after 1/4 mile to do a Circle of Pain
Taught Preach what a Monkey Humper was. He is excited to bring this to West Virginia.

The Thang:

Deck of Pain
Card #’s indicate reps

Spades- No Surrender
Hearts- Heels to Heaven
Diamonds- Diamond Merkins
Clubs- Cooperhead Squat
Joker- 20 Burpees

Mosey back to Mary
Gas Pumps OYO 20
LBC’s 30 OYO
Numbers (draw #’s 0-9) with feet
Low plank (1min)

Announcements: Pink Out 5k Oct 1st, 2.0 family event October 8th
Prayer/Praise: Caden loss of Grandma & Capsize being a HIM in his life, TI teaching Daughter what it means to be a child of God, Weezer being HIM to his family and community, Preach from WV asked for prayer for his AO to grow and to have an impact in their community.