Q: Buick

PAX: Mountain momma
Run flat

Quick disclaimer

Kicked it to mtn momma for the 5 core
Then to maestro for the mission statement
Then to run flat for the credo

Told the pax that today was going to be more of an interactive and mental therapy session that would require their participation or it would end up with more sweat than therapy.

I then asked run flat how he felt about starting off with 5 burpees to which he rejected and said he needed 20. I almost couldn’t contain my excitement
Burpees 20 oyo
Bear hugs for 5
Daisy pickers for 5
Then we moseyed
Ran through the park to the fountain down to the right corner of the park then straight up to the college and took a right to go through mercer village then up and around and back down to the light then ran the length of the sidewalk then back to the corner where we circled up and talk about the book freed to lead.
5 more burpees
Questions about what is picking up the 6? And where and when do we pick up the 6 in our real life.
21 ssh i c
More questions about who we are as men and the example we are for our little girls that will one day be interviewing boys to date
5 burpees
More talk about the example we set for our sons
21 ssh I c – yhc messed up and counted into the 6th rep and confessed and one of the pax didn’t know yhc had messed up so we all got punished
5 burpees
Moseyed through Mercer village again and up to frat row where there was more questions about being the husbands our wives want to be married to. This is when it got real and not so quick participation snuck in
5 burpees
Re asked the questions – quicker responses
5 burpees
Moseyed and while moseying heard something about burpees. Pulled the e brake and we did
10 burpees
Moseyed to the quad and asked more questions talked about what completing a honey do list really means. It’s not a list that gets done eventually so that our wives may possibly miss us when we aren’t around. It’s a list that is completed as a reminder for us as men that we are fully capable of doing these things and tasks in any situation on any given day as we pick up the six in our marriages with no questions asked.
Everyone knew burpees were on the way and then maestro called out for 50 burpees. I almost wet my britches I was so thrilled!
50 burpees
Yhc took off on a mosey before one of the pax was finished. Poor fella wore red wing boots for some reason and bout got left at the quad but guess what – another of the pax PICKED UP THE SIX!!
Moseyed back to the flag

No time for Mary

Counted and named off

Announcements were of course the 5 k

Buick trying to organize a 5 k at his neighborhood date and time tbd

We need to pray for mountain mommas neighbor Chris. Fella is way down in the dumps. Has chrohns disease and it is really awful. Isn’t a Christ follower. Needs Jesus. Needs mountain momma and other Godly men in his life.