Q: Chaps

PAX: T-Zo, Maestro, Capsize, Cub, TI, Tripod, Mountain Mama, Chaps

We’ll, it’s Iron Pax time in F3 Nation, so the Wilderness thought it would try it’s hand at Week 0 this morning. Capsize showed early for some prep work at the soccer field. Marking the distance and moving coupons closer. 0515 came and a quick welcome to some pax’s first realization that we were attempting the Iron Pax Q. A Disclaimer was given before Moseying to the soccer field.

5 squats IC
10 overhead Claps IC
10 Seal claps IC


IRON PAX 2022 – Week 0 (The Fat Coe sandwich)

Started out with the Coe:
5 rounds of:
20 Thrusters (Squat + coupon overhead press)
20 Merkins

Followed by:
Brenton – 3 rounds of:
Bear Crawl 100 feet
Burpee/broad jump the 100 feet back (3 burpees followed by 5 forward broad jumps until you get to the end of the 100 feet)

Followed by Coe again (see above)

There was lots of grunting and lots of modifying. It took a little bit for the mumble chatter to take hold, but we eventually found it.

Times were as follows:
Maestro – 45:12
Capsize – 37:57
TI – 32:29 (Modify)
Chaps – 37:22 (Modify)
Cub – 31:45 (Modify)

Some pax fought diligently, but in the end, didn’t quite complete the Q.
Mountain Mama called it at the 34:25 mark and Tripod just after at 34:30.
Good work gents!

Big thanks to T-Zo for proctoring this morning, keeping us honest, calling and recording times and ridding Macon of about 10 mosquitoes, all with a cast on his arm.

It was evident that everyone put in lots of hard work by the deepness of breath, the grunting under heavy loads, and the sweat on everyones’ shirts. Capsize was even so whooped that he forgot his distance measuring wheel!

MARY: definitely no time today.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements –
Prayer/Praise – Tripod: home purchase, Joshua and Gage – got help, but then left again. TI – just didn’t quite feel right this morning.