PAX: TI, Cub, Moon Dolphin, Capsize, Chaps


Line up at parking lot for

Advanced linear warmup (Shout out to Coach Dan John):
-knee squeeze to chest
-heel to butt bird dog
-hacky sack squeeze
-inch worm merkin
Inch worm lunge and twist
Slow mo bear crawl
High ho skip
High knee run
But kick run
Finkle toe touch

Today we followed some of Coach Dan John’s methodologies.
The 5 things we tried to hit:
Push, pull, hinge, squat, loaded carry.

Bear crawl to bollards

Howling monkeys.

Merkin run:
Run until Q says a number then bang out that many military merkin
20 Military merkins, 15, 10, 5.

Pick up block at pile.
OH Press walk (every other right step do an OHP)

All the way to the play ground.
Hang for 1 minute from the swing frame.
10 goblet squats IC

Do 5 pull-ups.
10 over head press squats, ic

Hang for 1 min
10 goblet squats ic

5 core principles, mission, credo

Figure 8 workout.
One PAX does 105 lb loaded carry around figure 8 while rest of pax do these -and plank to the six each exercise.

10 man makers
20 KB swings
10 around the head (5 each way)
20 curls
10 BBSU with coupon

Moon D gives us encouragement to live by the Spirit

Curl walk (every other right step do a curl). To block pile.

Mosey to steps

LBCs, BBS, COP doing 3 burpee with 360 twist while others held monkey


WW2 sit-ups, Freddie Mercury, crunchy frog.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Upcoming IPC
Prayer/Praise –
Capsize- Joshua, Gage – spirit working
Moon D- Crisp county student car accident, house situation, Firefly fell
Chaps -M surgery