Q: Capsize

PAX: Capsize, maestro, cub, tripod, Mt. Mama, Chaps, FNG Puma

INTRO: I decided on 9 for the pax count today because we picked up 2 on the 15 minutes into the workout. They didn’t finish but were there long enough for me to do a major modification. There is an amazing testimony here that I would love to share if you ask me or any of us this morning!
Disclaimer yadi yadi yadi

SSH’s, imperial walkers, back stretch
Moseyed to the fountain for 10 box jumps followed by 1/2 swirley, rinse and repeat

Mosey on down to the coupon stack with plans to cusack deep into campus. I wanted to work out arms a little before we cusacked so we did burnout curls and burn out dips when 2 young guys came wandering off the Mercer campus and accepted our invitation to join. At the same time Puma fell out and into Maestro and things just got crazier from there. Again, awesome testament to what happens at a park in front of a major university at 5:30 am.
Modified to this:
20 4 count IC squats
20 4 count IC LBC’s with block
15 4 count American hammers with block
Partnered up:
Am rapped Irkins while partner cusacked 3 light posts and back
Am rapped more dips while partner lunge walked 2 posts and back
2 new guys left, maestro and Puma disappeared. Crazy morning
Moseyed back to fountain where we did 10 count IC dips

By committee:
Me- Vup roll ups
Mt Mama- WW 3 sit-ups
Cub left
Tripod – flutter kick
Chaps- side and front planks

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama. Named Puma, wife left for Mexico today. Be praying for her safety and that of there 7 month old as the renew visas. Prayed for the young men in the park. Incredible testimony. Ask us.
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