Q: T-Zo

PAX: Maestro, Mountain Mama, Tripod, Capsize, Cub, TI, T-Zo, Weezer

INTRO: Disclaimer, Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself, modify

WARM-O-RAMA: 12 SSH, 12 HillBillie, 12 Chinook, 12 Big Arm Circles, 12 Daisy Picker

THE THANG: 1/2 mosey around to playground for recess!
Tabata workout 40 on/20 off around the playset. All sets AMRAP:
Pullups, Calf Raises, Dips, Pistol Squats, Inverted Row, Hanging Leg Raise, Plank, Flutterkick
3 rounds, then mosey back.

MARY (all 4-count): 19 Crunchy Frog, 19 American hammer, 12 WWII situps

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
6th Man: TI – hardest part of F3 is getting out of bed, good brotherhood, feeling work stacking up especially with interruptions, prayers for a good work day today to catch up
Announcements – rock climbing Friday
Prayer/Praise – TI (above), Gary’s son out of the house and missed – prayer for comfort and guidance for son, Tripod working to get a girl their hosting out on her own and prayer for wisdom for him in navigating that transition, Mountain Mama – prayer for Chris who has Crohn’s and needs a fridge as his has died.