Q: Maestro

PAX: Capsize (respect), T-zo, Tripod, TI, Mountain Mama, maestro

INTRO:THE NATURE BOY RISES AGAIN! YHC was feeling the woooh! This morning and called for a natureboy beatdown where at any point a pax could call the wooh and everyone would do 3 burpees. All in all I think we added 60 burpees to the workout.

What do you think?
Starter Slaughter (that’s 20 burpees)
Jack hammer 10 oyo
Bear hugs ic 10
Mosey around the park

11’s in the parking lot with Mike Tyson’s
And jackhammers

Moseyed to the fountain

All oyo
10 derkins
10 irkins
10 dips
10 bear hugs

Then oyo in any order
40 derkins
40 irkins
40 dips
40 bear hugs

Mosey long way to Mary

Devil in the pan ic 10
Devil out of the pan Ic 10
Freddie Mercury 20 ic
Flutter kicks 20 ic
LBC 20 oyo
Low plank for 1:30

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – yep
Prayer/Praise –
Mountain Mama was our 6th man thank you for sharing brother
Lifted prayers up for slater a friend of capsize and mountain mama