Q: T-Zo

PAX: Cub, TI, Weezer, Chaps

INTRO: Disclaimer (not a pro, push yourself, don’t hurt yourself)

WARM-O-RAMA: bear hug, SSH, daisy picker, trunk rotations

THE THANG: Mosey to coupons, Cusack to the court, circle/line of pain dips with coupon x10, groupon (wall sit coupon pass) x10, T-rex ‘mericans decline on coupon x10. All that again.
Southern curling halfway down the court, 10x coupon curls, murder bunny rest of court, 10x coupon benders (one-arm press up).
Calf raises with coupon up stairs. Lunge walk with coupon down other side’s ramp.
Field trip!!! Indian jog with leader holding coupon to Rhett’s house for positive peer pressure to

MARY: 25 Flutterkicks, 20 ‘merican hammers

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama. Rhett arrived for announcements, positive peer pressure plan successful!
Announcements – Beall’s hill cleanup today, Cub help moving mattress
Prayer/Praise – Dave/all with kids: first day of school for both kids and parents. Chaps transitioning from AF to next phase of life + starting classes + organizing POW run. TI’s fam coming back to town today and anticipation and safe travels for that. Lord’s guidance and wisdom for Rhett seeking new job.