Q: Mtn Mama

PAX: Weezer, zipper, moon dolphin, capsize, firefly, Boucher, mtn. Mama, TI, Boop (FNG)

INTRO: The usual. Not a pro. Modify as needed. Push yourself. Don’t hurt yourself

WARM-O-RAMA: bear Hug, then I immediately turned it over to Capsize for his one of a kind backstretch. 25 SSH’s

So here’s the deal… Boucher showed up. The guy has a broken foot and is in a boot. I’d planned a run heavy workout that needed to be scrapped immediately for something more handicap accessible. Here’s how the improv went:
Shoulder blaster- albatross wings, seal claps, raise the roof, Moroccan night clubs, arm circles, etc…

After that we circle of pained some merkins, air squats and monkey humpers.
We then moseyed to the fountain for the wheel of death. 7 spokes. Each spoke has an excercise attached to it. The group pairs up. While one runs the spoke the other AMRAPS. When the partner gets back they switch. Poor Boucher just had to AMRAP for the next 30 minutes.
Excercises were: spider men, swirlies, LBCs, BBS’s, flutter kicks, SSH’s, and Mary Catherine Gallaghers.

By the time we finished we were ready for Mary
Weezer lead us in an 8 count flutter kick kinda move whose name escapes me.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – welcomed in Boop from Ohio.
Prayer/Praise –