Q: Capsize

PAX: Capsize, Weezer, Chaps, Twang, TI

INTRO: The thing that keeps F3 moving forward is commitment. I’m thankful for TI, showing up with a jacked up neck and doing what he could. I’m greatly encouraged when 10 guys show. It’s fun. I’m also greatly encouraged when guys work through their injuries because F3 means something

Usual stretches , SSH’s, back stretch, daisy pickers, bear hugs and arms

1/2 mile Indian Run with 2 burpees to coupons
Alternating lung walk and cussack with coupons between light poles to our side street
Burn outs:
20 curls
20 shoulder raises
20 overhead press
Held block until we dropped to 5 each
Cusacked back
Moseyed to fountain for a new one!
Partnered up with 1/2 Swirley for partner A while partner B did squats
Next round was the same with dips

20 4 count American hammers
20 4 count heel touches
10 OYO Vup roll ups

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – EH, great time of year to make a change!
Prayer/Praise – we took time to update what is happening in our worlds and then prayed over each other, lasted till 6:20. Thing of beauty