Q: Capsize

PAX: Capsize, Cub, Mt. Mama

INTRO: disclaimer, small group, they were dropping like flies on the drive from Lizella (via text). YHC had intended to partner up but made it work

Back stretch
Arm stretch
Leg stretch
Mountain climbers
Moseyed to coupons
2 rounds of dips at Wesley House benches, 10 each and pass around
Grabbed coupons and Cusacked to soccer field

2 cones setup for 11’s
1st cone 10 curls, murder bunnies for 15 yards
1 2-count American Hammer, cusacked back
I stated that it had been awhile since we saw bunnies I. The Wilderness. Mt. Mama said they were done in my absence on Saturday. Lots of bunnies for Mt. Mama.
Suitcases back
COP dips, 3 rounds, 10 each holding
COP Minkey Humpers, 3 rounds 10 each holding
LBC’s 15 4 count IC with feet on bench and butt to wall
Moseyed to fountain for a half lap of the swirly

15 4 count crunchy frog
10 4 count bicycle
10 4 count reverse bicycle
15 4 count heels to heaven
20 4 count heel touch pushing feet out
10 OYO Vup roll ups

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama. Present
Announcements –
Prayer/Praise – prayed for CC camps going on this week as well as our families, Cubs upcoming school year and Jenn’s