Q: Capsize

PAX: Cub, TI, Weezer, Twang

INTRO: disclaimer, work hard, modify up if you can, good reps

Trunk rotations, back stretch, bear hugs, 20 IC SSH’s

THE THANG: lessons from a Burpee challenge
I didn’t tell them this, but we did my method of accumulating burpees during the challenge:
10 45 second rest
5 30 seconds
All the way up to 70.
Then I revealed my training method. They loved it
Moseyed to coupons where we did:
3 minutes toe on toe LBC passing the coupon back and forth then
3 minutes squats toe to toe passing the coupon back and forth with 2 min rest in between
3 rounds of dips OYO
Mosey to Mary

1 min plank
30 LBC’s 4 count IC
1 minute plank
20 LBC’s 4 count IC

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Monday Bible study, Wednesday dinner at crossroads, Friday morning prayer
Prayer/Praise – praised God for the morning we had and for personal evangelism, wives and to be Godly husbands