Q: Capsize

PAX: Capsize Tzo Chaps

INTRO: small holiday crew this morning but we had a job to do. I had a good one Q’d up that I had been saving. Almost put it back in my pocket but we can roll it out again. Can you believe it, didn’t touch a coupon

SSH 30 4 count IC
Daisy pickers 15 4 count IC
Back stretch

Moseyed to Mercer campus and stopped at the big stairs. 1 pax stayed while the other 2 ran up the 79 steps and bear crawled down the ramp and jogged back to start while the pax that stayed am rapped
Round 1 squats
Round 2 BBSU’s
Round 3 dips
Round 4 plank
Moseyed to benches on campus for a few rounds of dips COP style
Moseyed back to base

20 4 count IC BBSU
20 4 count American hammers IC
30 4 count LBC’s

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama. Check
Announcements – 1776, upcoming challenge
Prayer/Praise – praise for YL camp, praise for family and health. Prayer for our families to be strengthened and territory expanded