Q: Capsize

PAX: Dough boy , welcome, he guest posted from NC, TI, Roll Tide, Mt. Mama, Tezo, Moon Doggy, Firefly, Chaps, Weezer

INTRO:Good morning at the Wilderness. After the disclaimer, we name the F3 Mission statement and reaffirmed the mission, which is establishing leadership, good leadership in the community

WARM-O-RAMA: SSH’s 15 4 count IC,10 OYO burpees, back stretch, trunk rotations, then we moseyed 5 short yards to the starting line of inch worming to the fountain, 20 yards, then a full swirley
Now we were ready!

YHC is injured, can’t run much or do merkins but made it interesting none-the-less. We moseyed to the coupons and we had 10 but in 7 coupons so YHC made a modification and partnered us up. 5 HIMS Cusacked to the playground while others moseyed.
When there:
Back to back we rotated and passed the coupon around the world for 3 minutes
LBC’s toe to toe passing the coupon back and forth with each rep 3 minutes
Squats facing each other toe to toe and passing the coupon back and forth with each rep
15 shoulder lifts while partner did BBSU’s, then switched going 10,,5
On our 6 with behind the neck presses while partner did squats 20,15,10,5
Overhead presses while partner did flat leg BBSU’s
Started from the top with
Around the world 2 min
LBC’s With coupon 2 min
American Hammer with coupon 20 while partner plank 3 sets each
Moseyed coupons back while group A planked and on to Mary

30 4 Count IC LBC’s
2 min plank
10 LBC’s 4 Count Ic

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama. Check
Announcements –
Prayer/Praise – TI praise, covering Khalid from Camus Club in jail, Roll Tides family, YL camp, prayed over Roll Tide and pledged it out