Q: Roll Tide

PAX: Tater, TI, Capsize (R), Weezer,

INTRO: 0701 we got rolling with

Cotton pickers x 10 ic
Bear hugs x 10 ic
Tweety Birds x 10 oyo
Dancing coconuts

Then we did bearkdancing (Brake dancing) for 10 hip touches

Mosey over to the rock bench for an extended warm up that included:

45 second AMRAP of the following
box jump
big boy sit ups

Then the pax were given an option choose either A or B

Capsize chose A for the tie breaker

Lots of mumble chatter this morning which helped YHC be reminded relationship over performance any time any day.

Option A was the 1 mile challenge. We now know that about 1.5 laps around the park is 1 mile. After we completed our option A we still did Option B which was grab a block and:

Dora 5 1 5 1

50 merkins
murder bunny up the hill and back down
100 squats
murder bunny up the hill and back down
50 KB Swings
murder bunny up the hill and back down
100 Alpo’s
murder bunny up the hill and back down
(backwards bear crawl up the hill and then bear crawl down the hill for the six)

While killing time we did 12 sky pokers for the fun of it.

Mosey back up the hill 3 times.

Back at the flag we did some MARY Spring Break style

Catheter’s oblique blasters 10 ic each side
J Lo’s 3 sets of 10 ic
The ultimate flutter kick x 35 ic
leg raises x 13 oyo

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Prayer/Praise – We celebrated how good God was. Capsize’s boy’s soccer victory and others!