Q: Capsize

PAX: Cub, Monk, GPS, Flowmax, Chaps, Weezer

INTRO:stretches, daisy pickers, trunk rotations, high knees

Inch worm to the fountain

It’s a good one. I love the fountain. Oh can be very creative which should lure a guest Q:
15 4 count Spider-Man’s
15 OYO dips
15 4 count American hammers
15 4 count LBC’s with your legs over the stone bench
15 OYO derkins
1/2 swirley
3 rounds of this
Bear crawl across soccer field to street light
Then proceeded in a 4 minute round of Superman-Banana, followed by 15 BBSU’s OYO, 20 4 count heels to heaven, followed by 30 second per side, side planks and finally a round of burn out diamond merkins

MARY: this was a big time an day, Moseyed to the flag

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama. Check
Announcements – Tres Dias, pull up challenge, call for Q’s
Prayer/Praise – we all took a part in the prayer. Many challenges with sickness, handling family, big decisions, we appealed to the mercies of God