Q: Bewyack

PAX: Cub, capsize (r), bewyack

Had a doozy and I mean an absolute “I will never ever come back to f3 – I have to join orange theory because I can’t handle this kinda man work” of a beatdown planned but abandoned since it was just me and capsize to begin with and honestly I didn’t wanna do it myself… so I will be at orange theory with @sub tomorrow but alas…


Toy soldier ic
SSH ic
Burpee 5 x 4 (20)

As we were moseying cub arrived on two wheels. We doubled back to pick up the six and as we got him we did

Burpee 5
Mosey to the fountain
Burpee 5
Bear crawl around the fountain – none of us had ever done this before …
Burpee 5
Lunge walk from fountain to the street
Fire drill 5
Bear crawl to the fountain
Copperhead squat 27
Bear hug
Big arm circle front
Big arm circle back
We moseyed from the fountain to the street and to create more disturbance Yhc took a left and began to talk about what we learned last night when @one hit spoke. Talked about the fact that God WILL put more on you so that you finally relinquish your pride and surrender and say “God, I need you!” Sound familiar @gapetto? Maybe it should sound something like “God, I need help”
Got to the corner across from Mercer village and did
Burpee 5
Moseyed through the park and got to the playground area for some
Fire drill 5
Moseyed back around for
Burpee 5
Admired how well stacked the coupons were as we moseyed by and back to the fountain where Yhc called for
5 core
Then proceeded to share with capsize that it’s ok that there wasn’t 8-37000 men there this morning because there was 3 and one of em was me and I’m not so sure I wanna tell all my story to everyone at the same time. Yhc shared about where he was a yr ago and the mental and spiritual difference f3 has made in his life. Thank you men
Burpee 5 🙂 – disruption
Moseyed back to the flag


Lbc 50

Then boom 6 am


Announcements – check slack
Prayer – prayed for @one hit – he’s probably completely depleted from giving everything he had yesterday. Great message poured into us all last night. We love you!
Cub got fam coming in from the north.
Bewyack – M starting her new career as a nurse practitioner and believing that’s where she’s supposed to be


Today was so great as I look back on it 13 hrs later and think “we worked our tail off so hard that I dropped 3 lbs in 37 degree weather” – we shared what’s on our hearts and encouraged and prayed over and for. Hot dang I love you men!!!