Q: Capsize

PAX: Mt. Mama, Weezer,SAG,TI (he wasn’t allowed to hold anything with a point), Chaps, Cub, Maestro, Monk, Tripod

INTRO: found a dry spot, uhm umm, and warmed up with SSH’s, Imperial Walkers, trunk rotation and back stretches, gave disclaimer

Mosey to fountain

Dora .5, 1,,2 partnered up with partner 1 doing a quarter swirley around the fountain while partner 2 did the following:
50 4 count pleased to meet me’s
100 dips
200 LBC’s
If you have had the pleasure of a swirley, it is unique to the wilderness because of the fountain. Come try one
Bear crawled across soccer field where we did
C.O.P. With 12 air squats and held the position
5 burpees holding plank
Indian run with 2 burpees back to the flag

15 4 count crunchy frog
10 OYO roll up v ups
20 4 count American hammers
20 4 count heels to heaven
Then SAG did a great job with handling the site Q swap from Young G to TI. Thanks TI for taking it in on Thursday morning

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama. Completed
Announcements – camp out, Tres Dias
Prayer/Praise – for Maestro’s youth camp this weekend, Chaps with kids solo, leading and thriving