Q: Capsize

PAX: Cub, Chaps

INTRO: it was a cold one, but just maybe the last cold one for a bit. I can’t wait till I don’t have to think about my fingers. Disclaimer and 5 core principles as we stalled till Cub joined us

SSH’s 20 4 count IC
Imperial Walkers 20 4 count IC
Daisy pickers 10 4 count IC
Drop and hold back stretch
Mosey to fountain for 10 each leg step ups
Lunge walk to racoon wall
Racoon crawl on wall
Mosey to coupons

Cusacked coupon up a block to a lighted side street where we met 2 cones that were 20’ apart
We then did 5 man-makers followed by a 4 count block push ( can’t remember the name, help?) to the cone where we did 4 man makers and pushed the block back to the other cone, then 3 and cone, 2 and cone, 1
This followed by a lunge walk about 20 yards up the street.
We then took a prayer request and prayed.
Next was C.O.P. 3 rounds of air squats holding the position with each man doing 10.
We then did burnouts with 20 Overhead press, 20 curls, 15 OHP, 15 curls, all the way down to 5 each
Following was a round of Irkins, 20 followed by block push to cone and lunge walk with coupon back, then 15,10,5
Suitcase carried coupon back home, moseyed to the flag

30 4 count IC LBC’s
Hold plank 30 seconds

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – BiBle study Monday, Day break camp out
Prayer/Praise –
Chap’s Grandma and Cub’s Mom at the Mayo Clinic, prayed, pledged, out