Q: Frizzles

PAX: Moon Dolphin, TI, Mountain Mama, Chester, Messi, Chaps, Capsize, Frizzles, Firefly, Blues Traveler

INTRO: Twas a beautiful morning for a beatdown at The Wilderness. It’s been far too long since I was out there. Being DR from Knoxville, I was dreaming about a morning out there followed by a Famous Mike’s breakfast. And it ended up being everything I imagined it would be.

WARM-O-RAMA: We did some SSH, some tempo merkins and some Willie Mays Hayes.

THE THANG: We began with a mosey around the park with a few stops along the way. First stop was for a circle of pain merkin style! We then continued the mosey to the far West corner of the park for a circle of pain squat style. We made our way to the South corner for one last circle of pain BBSU style.

Now for the fun part.

We moseyd over to the fountain where Pax were instructed to partner up for DORA the musical. Each exercise is to be performed by one pax while the other runs to the near soccer goal and back. Then you trade off and the exerciser runs while the runner exercises. You do not keep track of rep number. Rather focus on good form and keep doing the same exercise until the song that is playing ends and the next song begins.

Exercises and associated songs were as follows:

1. Burpees – Hand Clap (Fitz and the Tantrums)
2. American Hammer – Born in the USA (Bruce Springsteen)
3. Lunges – Working for the Weekend (Loverboy)
4. Hand Release Merkins – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Daft Punk)
5. LBC – Feel It Still (Portugal, The Man)
6. Squats – We Will Rock You (Queen)
7. Dips – I Won’t Back Down (Tom Petty)
8. BBSU – Paradise City (GNR)
9. Pull Ups – Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins)
10. Monkey Humpers – Welcome to the Jungle (GNR)

Pro tip – this playlist is almost perfectly calibrated for a week day beatdown.

MARY: No time for Mary today!

COT: I took some time to share about Cardinal (Taylor Phelps, 36) who was an F3 Knoxville Pax that passed away recently. It was incredible to see how F3 Nation (Macon included!!!) rallied around the men of Knoxville and around Cardinal’s family. This thing we do is way more than just working out. This can be lifechanging (it certainly has been for me). So don’t be content with keeping it to yourself! Is there someone new in your life that you haven’t invited yet? Is there someone you’ve invited in the past but you haven’t bugged in a while? Give it away!
Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Famous Mike’s Coffeeteria (Maestro even joined on accident!)
Prayer/Praise – Praying for Capsize and the ministry with the Bibb County jail, praying that the Lord will grant them access to the facility and be able to be a witness to the men inside.