Q: Capsize

PAX: TI, Mountain Mama, Chaps, Weezer, Cub, GPS, Boucher

INTRO: SSH’s, Imperial Walkers, high knees, trunk rotations, arm stretches, bear hugs, Spider-Man, all 4 count IC 30, 20, 15, 15, 15,

Mucho chesto 15 4 count wide merkins, 10 4 count merkin swipes, 5 4 count diamond merkins

THE THANG: call this “ the tour of lovelies” we mosey from the fountain deep into the heart of the Mercer campus with tributes to my favorites along the way, starting with the fountain Dirty hookup 15 4 count IC, dips semi- circle of pain 5 and hold position then pass it back for a total of 10 dips, moseyed to another favorite grabbing coupons and Cusacking to the park where we did curls and overhead press burnouts, with sets of 20,15,10,5 then Cusacked blocks back and moseyed to Mercer parking lot where we did U-boats with Merkins approx 15 spaces moseying in and Bernie out, then we went further into campus where we split into 2 groups. Group 1 amrapped burpies while group 2 ran 78 steps and back. Sadly we only got 1 round. Moseyed back to the fountain for Mary

MARY:BBSU’s flat leg 30 4 count IC, Cub led 30 4 count heel touches, plank for 1 minute

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – coming as a post on band
Prayer/Praise – men struggling. Don’t get isolated by the enemy, GPS job opportunity, Campus Club young men being targeted and dying