Q: Chaps, Tofu, Cub

PAX: Chaps, Tofu, Cub

So there we were, initially Q-less due to the early stages of senility. Cold and blistery as the wilderness was this morning, The Co-Qs/Pax pulled together to ensure hearts (and heart rates) were lifted.


Bear Hugs x 15
Daisy Pickers x 15
Chinooks x 12
Trunk Rotations x 12
SSH x 25
Something Chaps is probably forgetting

Passed between the Pax. Mosey a bit, then pick out workouts.
(Tofu) Mosey to Mercer – Merkins x 25/Squats x 25/Burpees x 7
(Cub)Mosey to Wesley House for coupons – 15 x coupon shoulder press/20x lunges/30x coupon curls
(Chaps) 20x American hammers w/ coupon, Mosey to Fountain – CoP 2 rounds x 10 Derkins each while other plank/20 x step ups
(Tofu) Mosey to the Bear steps/ 3 and 25s
Up and down the steps 3 times followed by 25 squats/25 pushups/didn’t get to the 25 jump lunges.

MARY: Skipped due to timing

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements –
Prayer/Praise – Those battling CCVID (Chaps sister Casey/Mountain Mama and Young G Families, Tofu mother – Connie), Cub Brother (Mark) False positive (praise), but interfered with family time with mother