Q: Sag/Chaps

PAX: Sag, Chaps, Cub

It was a perfect spring morning in December. I was excited to be back at the Wilderness. As my watch approached 5:15 I thought I would be alone, but after fending off an owl Chaps made his appearance followed shortly behind by Cub.

Bear Hugs 20IC
Windmill 12IC
Hillbillies 12IC

Mosey to soccer field for a round of 4 corners.
Pax hold a move while we took turns running to the middle and doing an exercise.
1. Plank-20 merkins
2. Al Gore- 20 air squats
3. Low Plank- 15 2ct Mnt Climbers
4. Howling Monkey- 15 Monkey Humpers

Chaps took over from here as new Site Q.
Mosey to play ground for a round of match me if you can.
Mosey to flag and plant new flag.
Mosey to fountain for some parentheses of pain.
Mosey to hill, pax did SSH while 1 bear crawled up and down hill.

Crunchy Frogs
Freddie Mercury
Misc plank positions

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements –
Prayer/Praise – pray for the men of F3 and those dealing with sickness. As well as those that are traveling.