Q: Dill

PAX: Blues Traveler
Switch grass

Welcome, Disclaimer, Credo, 5 core principles, Mission Statement

Imperial Walker 15 IC
Daisy Picker 10 IC
Chinook 10 IC
Seal Clap 10 IC
Hillbilly 10 IC

Plank Jack while YHC read Matthew 1:18-20

Mosey to Coupon Stack

The Thang:
The Road to Bethlehem

Read Luke 2:1-5

The trip was approximately 90 miles between Nazareth and Bethlehem that would have taken place most likely over 10 days. A pregnant Mary, and husband Joseph traveled all of this distance, outside, while moving through the Jordan river, through the hills of Jerusalem, and battling animals, potential sickness, and weather the entire time.

YHC instructed the PAX that there would be 3 alternating methods of carrying the coupon between the each stop around the park as follows:
Mary- carry at stomach height, as if pregnant
Joseph- On the shoulder, as if carrying wineskins filled with water
Donkey – Rifle carry as if you were the donkey and carrying Mary

Each stop would have a “hazard” of which Mary and Joseph could have encountered that included an exercise. The following were performed at stop with the alternating carry methods (Mary, Joseph, Donkey) in between.

Walk through the Jordan River – 10 Bonnie Blairs (the hard way)
Climb the hills outside Jerusalem – 20 Mountain climbers – in cadence
Be strong enough to fight off animals #1 – 25 Merkins
Sleep on your back on the ground – 25 coupon presses
Lift Mary on the donkey – 30 coupon squats 
Fight off more animals – 30 coupon curls
Carry the water overhead – 20 OHP
Outrun the animals – Sprint with coupon
Move through the jungle/heavily forested Jordan Valley – 10 Jungle Boy Squats
Wear your big boy pants – 20 Big Boys
Battle Sickness – 10 Burpees
Hold the weight of the world on your shoulders – Plank 60sec
Give God the glory – 15 Heals to Heaven
Turned away at the Inn – Run to next light pole 
Have baby Jesus! – 50 LBCs

In honor of Jesus’ birthday coming Pax performed the following Mary exercise

Hello Dolly 10 IC

Count-a Rama, Name-o-Rama
Announcements: Merry Christmas. Hoodies being collected Tuesday and Thursday
Prayer/Praise: Praise for Christmas Eve Eve service yesterday, praise for no homeless people, Prayer for the Christmas season, safe travels, and for us pax of F3 to be better Husbands and Fathers.