Q: Capsize

PAX: Bulldog (welcome back) TI, Cub, Chaps, Tezo, Moon Dolphin, Firefly, Boucher, Capsize

INTRO: Felice Navidad! I planted a musical doodle that will require surgery to be removed. Christmas theme beatdown was load of loads!

Arm stretches
High knees
Daisy pickers
Bear hugs
High kick
5 burpee because TI went the wrong way

THE THANG:started with around of merkin with Bring Sally Up ( Micro sent me the track)
Moseyed 1/2 mile to wall in front of Mercer with a wall sit to “ Felice Navida”!
Moseyed to stone benches in front of Wesley Foundation for:
Flutter kicks with coupon to entire song of “ Felice Navidad’
Cub did 110 so we followed with 110 SSH’s
“ Bring Sally up “1/2 song to dips and other half to overhead press
Prayed for Mercer
Felice Navidad to LBC’s with coupon. TI did 41 so we did 41 lunges
Felice Navidad to air squats. Boucher did 84 so that was followed by 84 curls
Prayed for Georgia College
5 man makers because TI asked what a Man maker is
Moseyed back to base 1/2 mile

Leg climbers 15 4 count each leg

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama. Check
Announcements – Christmas Eve Eve will be next Friday at YL room now. Ruck from AF at 5:15, Tezo having 2nd F coffeteria Christmas Eve for anyone wanting a beatdown
Prayer/Praise – Chaps career change imminent and interviewing. He said “ I don’t like to talk” then clarified, about himself, TI help with youngest, Tezo is being deployed soon! Please keep his family in prayer