Q: Em2

PAX: Tzo, Cub, Tripod, Em2, and Chaps

INTRO: Not a Pro don’t sue.

Bear hug, Don Quixote, trunk rotations. Then a quick mosey to the fountain. We did a half Swirley, and moseyed to Puddy’s wall.

We moseyed again to the South East corner of the park and started the thang. I brought my foam dice and labeled it down with painful exercises. At each corner we rolled it and did what the dice told us to do. First loop around the park reps started at 10 and went up 5 at each corner. 25 Mexican Jumping Beans was a tough one. Lap two started at 15 and went up 5 reps with each roll. Last roll was 30 burpees. Perfect! We moseyed back home.

MARY: Had about a 4 minute Mary. 50 LBCs, a bunch a flutter kicks and some new touches got us to the bell.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.did alla this!!
Announcements – Christmas Eve-eve!
Prayer/Praise – Praying for victims of violence in Macon,