Q: Capsize

PAX: TI, Mountain Mama, Cub, Weezer, Chaps, Boucher, Firefly, Moon Dolphin, Capsize

INTRO: Greta morning for a beat down! Good numbers, almost all the regulars. Disclaimer, let’s get to work

Back stretch
Arms stretch
Bear hugs
Arm circles
High knees 35 4 count IC

1/2 swirley
Dora 4,3,2
Partnered in 3’s with 1 man bear crawling approx 30 yards while other partners chipped away at
400 BBSU
300 Dips
200 Merkins
Next bear crawled to tennis center (50 yards)
Mosey to benches for 2 rounds of
COP dips 10 each and hold
Boucher lead in 2 rounds of Monkey Humpers 10 each with a wave
Firefly led with round of squats (nice job)
Moseyed to Mary

21 4 count IC crunchy frog
50 4 count iC American hammers
10 4 count Vup roll ups
Mountain Mama led in 15 4 count sky pokers
Chaps finished with side planks

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama. Check
Announcements – Crossroads Cookout, Christmas EveEve service
Prayer/Praise – chaps discernment with dealing with daycare, TI project, Cub wisdaom and prayer for kids he ministered to. Talked about video I’m posting