Q: Capsize

PAX: Dumpster, Tzo, Tripod, Mt. Mama, Cub, Chaps, Capsize

INTRO: confession, the blood moon was pretty dang cool. We did the star gazer till 5:20. High knees, back stretch, quad stretch, calf stretch

Moseyed to coupons pile but no coupons
15 dips IC 4 count, moseyed with albatross arms arms and squaking to the steps (77) on Mercer Campus

Partnered up
Partner A ran steps while partner B amrapped the called exercise
Round 1 burpees
Round 2 burpees
Round 3 Vups
Round 4 Vups other side
Round 5 howling monkeys
Round 6 lunges
12 IC irkins
Moseyed to sitting area and did
30 4 count IC LBC’s with legs on bench
7 rounds of dips, the wave
Moseyed to Mary

Mary by committee:
Freddy mercury
Crunchy frog
Dying cockroach
Heel touch

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.check
Announcements – update on Cub’s house and open streets Macon,. Thanks Chaps
Prayer/Praise – chaps praise soccer season is over!
Dumpster was 6th man
Greater is he in me than he in the world, was the word
Prayed over a girl in the park named Chardonnay for mental health and finances