Q: Chaps

PAX: Chaps, Cub, TI

INTRO: Welcome/ Disclaimer/ Hi TI

Burpees 5 OYO
Bear Hugs 15 IC
Quad Stretch 8 ct IC Each side
Overhead Claps 15 IC
Calf stretch 8 Ct each side

(TI and Boucher’s boot bid us adieu)

Crawl bear to fountain

5 core principles, Mission statement

The Thang:

St. Andrews Cross:
Pick a spot on the fountain, Swirley (to the right) 1/4 round, then run the long spoke to the corner of the park, repeat until where you started.

Squat hold until the 6

Meh-sey to Wesley for Coupons

Coupon set: 15, 10, and 5 Reps of:
Front, cross-arm coupon raise
Skull Crushers
Mosey to Flathead Hollow

Bernie burps a bear

2 rounds (5 burpees, then 4)

Meh/mosey to Mary

Crunchy Frogs 10 IC
Jane Fonda 10 IC each leg
Hold plank ‘til time

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.

Announcements – Cub home Demo on Saturday, 5 Nov post Beatdown,
Open Streets Macon 2-5 PM on 6 Nov.

Prayer/Praise – Cub – Wisdom and Grace to discern what tasks are most important, and the strength to push through when all of the tasks are important. Chaps – Grace and wisdom as a husband and Father. Thoughts and prayers for brothers not with us due to injury or life circumstances. We miss you!