Q: T-Zo

Peaches (from Bluffton, SC)
Moond Dolphin
Scrapple FNG (a.k.a. Isaac, son of Moon Dolphin)

INTRO: Disclaimer, push yourself don’t hurt yourself, modify as needed

WARM-O-RAMA: Bear hug, Daisy picker, side straddle hop, BAC, trunk rotations

THE THANG: 1 mile run around Wilderness ending at coupon stash. Cusack to Capsize Coupon Court
10x coupon curls, southern curling halfway down court, 10x coupon Benders (fist pump), murder bunny to end of court.
5x coupon calf raises up each step to RR bridge.
At top: 10x circle of pain dips, 10x groupon (wall sit coupon pass), 10x COP skull crushers, 10x OYO grave diggers, 10x 4-count coupon American hammers in cadence.
Lunge down ramp to court.
Buddy up: P1 double-coupon luggage carry halfway down court and back while P2 burpees. Swap. R2: P1 cusack halfway & back while P2 V-ups.
Mosey to stow coupons & RTB.

MARY: Poor time management on Q resulted in only 1 min of 6 inch leg hold.

COT: Moon Dolphin 6 Man: Teacher at Covenant Academy, only able to make Saturdays due to schedule but here for workouts and fellowship. Hopeful EH at Covenant.
Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – 500 mile, Cub nearing completion of house demo
Prayer/Praise – Prayer for Cub’s M who’s sick. Prayer for the broken PAX unable to attend – heal soon and see you in the gloom!