Q: Capsize

PAX: What a great morning! 12 pax showed up and the conditions were perfect. The grass was even cut!
Thanks for coming out Chaps, Mountain Mama, Peacock, Yoshi, Tripod, Tofu, Rambler, Boucher, Weezer, Digit and Cub.

INTRO: IC 4 count SSH 25, mountain climbers 20, Imperial Walkers 20, trunk rotations 10, Big arm circles 10, chinooks 10, back stretch

Small mosey half way around park, ending at the raccoon wall, raccooned and then moseyed to fountain

The HATED swirley! Full lap, then line of pain derkins. 5 each while everyone held the position and then we passed it back. Next was dips 5 each and the pax held the position. Passed it back
Mosey to Flathead holler where we did another oldie but goody:
C..O.P. 10 close-grip merkins holding plank
Bernie, Burps, Bears, Bernie up, 5 burpees, bear crawl down. 3 rounds
Superman Banana for 3 minutes
Lunge walked back to fountain and moseyed to Mary

31 4 count IC heel touches

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Day School Dash ( see post on band) T-Day ultimate frisbee, Friday morning prayer
Prayer/Praise – Weezer cholesterol level, Stratford community, Haiti