Q: Capsize

PAX: Capsize, Cub,Maestro, Mt. Mama, Chaps, Tezo

INTRO: too many days in a row off of a 4:30 schedule does you no justice. But it was a perfect morning for Capsize’s Coupon Corner
Disclaimer shifted liability to pickleballers for a second but then was refocused. I’m battling a groin injury so I modified the workout for me. I think we all benefitted though

Stretches, Daisy pickers, high knees, 5 minutes
Moseyed to 2nd bench from fountain for an inch worm, then to fountain for a 1/2 swirley ( for those asking, yes, there will always be a swirley, alligator merkins for 20 yards to bear crawl for last 20 across the soccer field, then mosey to coupons

With coupon did lunge walk for a distance of 2 light poles, then Cusacked to Capsize coupon corner for:
15 big arm circles
15 big arm circles reverse
15 chinooks
15 Morracan night clubs all holding arms up
15 shoulder raises with coupon
20 overhead press with coupon
10 slow irkins
10 slow diamond merkins
7’s for curls

Moseyed to front of park and back

Partnered up for LBC coupon pass for 2 minutes
Held low plank for 1.5 minutes
20 American hammer with coupon
Suitcase carried back to pile
Moseyed long way back to flag

MARY: held kerplank for 30 seconds

COT: prayer requests for each man to be kept in the COT, read Phillipians 2 and talked about “ lights in a crooked and perverse generation” and what that may mean, ( what it means to me)
Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama. Check
Announcements – demo day at Cub’s new house this Saturday. It will be a beatdown, food, fellowship and frolicking through the house with sledge hammers
Prayer/Praise – glorifies God in the midst of the storm of our culture. Lifted up manly prayers that make men!