Q: Capsize

PAX: Capsize, Cisco, Chaps, Firefly, Moon Dolphin, FNG Seefood

INTRO:disclaimer, 5 core principles, I’ll be your Q
Chaos had trouble getting the flag in the dry ground this morning

Back stretch, trunk rotations, arm stretch, 20 IC SSH’s

4 corners and a circle:
Today we moseyed to the fountain and introduced the swirley by doing a full one
Mosey to coupons for corner 1 with 30 overhead presses, moseyed stretch in front of Mercer and found the wall for 25 Mike Tyson’s for corner 2, moseyed to corner 3 for 20 burpees, moseyed back to park entrance for 40 BBSU’s. That was round 1
Round 2 was 50 dips at the fountain
Corner 1 was 30 behind the neck press
Corner 2 was 2 minute wall sit
For time we moseyed back to base for Mary

However when we arrived at Mary the flag had blown over. Dang it Chaps! Big groans as we had to do 25 burpees. The excitement was overwhelming
We still had time for 1.5 min of LBC’s

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – 2.0 upcoming
Prayer/Praise – prayed for Chaps participation in Jays hope motorcycle event, and we would not lose focus