Q: Capsize

PAX: Capsize, Maestro, Mt Mama, Chaps, Cub, Tripod

INTRO: been a minute since I Q’d. I was really wanting to do some of the things I love. So I called this one “Shoulder Mercy”. Say Mercy!

SSH’s, back stretch, high knees, bear hugs, 10 burpees, then the Inch Worm from the parking lot to the fountain. Maestro said my eyes were bigger than m stomach, and they were. That was too far but set the tone for the rest

Partnered up:
Partner 1 did a 1/2 Swirley ( a favorite at the Wilderness) while Partner 2 am rapped derkins
Did 3 rounds of dips, 10 each while pax held position
to coupon pile where we Cusacked a coupon 1/4 block to the wall in front of Langley Hall, passing the coupon as we went
Peoples chair for 2 rounds passing the coupon then did the same thing back to the coupon pile
Did several up/down dips like the wave and just as fun!
Moseyed to fountain again where the real work started
1/2 swirley/amrap Irkins
1/2 swirley/ am rap dips
1/4 swirley/ am rap dirty hook up
Stopping once for the mission statement delivered perfectly by our Nantan

15 IC 4 count crunchy frog
15 IC 4 count bicycles
15 IC 4 count bicycle reverse
10 4 count in and outs
15 4 count heels to heaven
Held legs 6” for last 40 seconds

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – 2.0
Prayer/Praise – Chaps was the 6th man. Great trust in sharing and prayed him up well, Cub with kids and house, Maestro with son in public school. Praise over our situation with our new 16 year old