Q: Capsize

PAX: Mountain Mama, Rascal, Weezer, Cub, Chaps (Q) Capsize

Feeling adventurous today and knowing that I personally needed some cardio this week. This named it: Cardio love
Warm up:
Bear hugs
Arm stretches
Trunk rotation
Daisy pickers 10 4-count IC
SSH 30 4- count IC
Got to it! Moseyed to Mercer building with all the steps, 70 total and found a nice clean zoysia lawn at the bottom, not unlike Maestro’s discovery last week. So the thing was:
3 men ran the steps while 3 men did Amrap Burpees until they returned. I got 13 my first go around, we then switched
2nd round was steps and double pump burpees
3 round was ‘Chaos choice’ where we did a P90x round of punch, jab, upper cut, kick ( really pretty tiring)
4th round was Cubs choice and he chose holding low plank
5th round was Weezer’s choice and they were the Mary Catherine Gahlager’s ( don’t like that woman)
Moseyed on to fountain where we did a dip line on the benches holding pose and sending it back and forth, 5 each round and after a round up bear hugs, finished with burnout dips where I took these young punks down. I’ll pay for that I’m sure.
30 4 count LBC’s
Rascals call next with 15 4 count IC leg lifts
Cub next with 30 4 count heel touches IC
Capsize next with 8 4 count side crunches 4 count IC each side ( those are brutal)
Mountain Mama finished with 15 IC 4 count Freddie Mercuries
Count off, Name-o-Rama, announcement and prayer focus being on good dad’s husbands and loving Jesus well.