Q: Maestro

PAX: Maestro, Capsize R, Cub, T-zo, Scooter, TI, Gepetto, Chaps, Polecat (fng)

It was cold so being the prerogative of YHC, the Q, we ran with pearls on a string! We were felling free and relaxed this morning that led to a round of monkey humpers in the middle of Coleman Ave and a beautiful symphony of sky poking on Greek row.

Hillbillies 18 ic
Imperial Walkers 18 ic
Daisy pickers 10 ic
SSH 10 ic
Merkin 10 ic

THE THANG: We ran stop along the way for exercises called Pearls on a string

Stopped at the wall at newton chapel for some people chair exercises.
Right leg up
Left leg up toes up

Mosey to the center of road for:
Monkey jumper ic 20

Ran into Mercer and stopped a Greek row for
Hauling monkeys 15 oyo
Then the sky pokers to show off our poking abilities ic 15

Ran to student center
Bernie up large ramp ran down steps and did 50 merkins
Repeat with 40 merkins
Added 10 merkins for my OCD

Ran to the Mercer dorms for a round of Werkins 20 oyo

Ran back to he flag

Very solid round of flutter kicks 30 oyo

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – 2.0 Event this weekend 10.22.22 at Red Dawn
Open Streets Macon Event 11.06.22 (2pm – 5pm) *Chaps will have more details to come

Cub is inviting all to help demo (certain areas) his house after sat 2.0
Prayer/Praise –
Prayer for T-zo wife, Ti to pursue his family, capsize with all the challenges of the last several weeks