Q: Dill

PAX: Mountain Momma
Sketch (FNG)

Welcome, Disclaimer, The men of the Wilderness never claimed to be bright but they knew their F3 Mission Statement, Credo, and 5 core principles so instead of punishment the earned favor later on in the beatdown

Brought my son along for the Beatdown since we are on fall break this week. Let the Pax know they would get naming rights this morning.

Big Arm Circle 10 IC
Hillbillies 10 IC
Bear Hug 8 IC
Daisy Picker 8 IC
Chinook 8 IC

Mosey to Fountain

The Thang:
The Billy Madison
3- Butterfly Sit-ups
4-Bulgarian Split-Squat
5- Hand release Merkins
6- Gas Pumps
7- SSH
8- Shoulder Taps
9- Lunges
10- Irkins
11- No Surrender
12- Burpees

Adam Sandler in the movie, Billy Madison, had to return the school to receive his diploma. The F3 Workout starts in the 1st grade and after completion there is a final exam which a run to the shovel flag and back to Fountain (about a .1 mile). Upon his return Pax must continue doing what he learned in 1st grade and his new exercise for 2nd grade and so on and so forth until all 12 grades were complete. After each new grade was completed, the final exam must be completed. Each exercise is 10 reps. Pax earned teacher pet status during the welcoming and they were awarded the skipping of 11th grade. (Mostly due to time)

LBC’s 20 OYO
Freddy Mercury 15 IC
0-9’s (Draw #’s 0-9 with feet)
Big Boy Sit-ups 5 OYO

Count-a Rama, Name-o-Rama
Announcements: 2.0 family event October 22nd, WR Beatdown Monday/Wednesday, 2F in Forsyth November 5th, Open Street Macon Nov 6th
Prayer/Praise: Prayers for Pax to become better husband/fathers, Twang started new job last week asked for continued prayers as he navigates his new position and employees with necessary changes.