Q: Capsize

PAX: TI, Chaps, Cub, FNG Brian now Scrap, Welcome!

INTRO:Another cold one but less wind. The name of this one is the ‘Quotable Q’
We did 50 SSH’s 4 count IC, 30 4 count IC high knees and 20 4 count IC imperial walkers to get warm

Moseyed deep into Mercer Campus where I had discovered a brick paver circle with Ben he’s all around and in the middle was a statue or Founder Mercer with 15 amazing quotes around the statue encircling the statue. The Thang was to read a quote and do 15 reps of a pax choice exercise until all 15 quotes were read. We actually did 17 total. Went like this: merkins, daisy pickers, squats, run and steps, diamond merkins, hold squat, lunges, more squats, Burpees ( finally) spider mans, BBSU’s, bear crawl, chinooks, SSH’s, American Hammers

Moseyed back to campus

35 4 count IC LBC’s
15 4 count gas pumps
20 4 count IC heel touches
We actually went till 10 after 6, bonus minutes because I still thought we were on Pheonix Nest time. God bless you guys!

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – open SLT meeting, Pheonix Nest encouragement, Q Source next month
Prayer/Praise –
Prayed over our new FNG Scrap