PAX: TI, Weezer, Cub, Chaps, Scooter, Szerbiak, Spackler

In the early morning dark,
We gather ’round the shovel flag,
F3 brothers, strong and stark,
Ready for a rucking drag.

With Spackler, Scooter, Cub, TI,
Weezer, Chaps, and Szerbiak,
We remind ourselves of why,
F3 is where we make our mark.

Free, held out of doors,
Rain or shine, we will not falter,
Open to all men, we implore,
To come and join us all.

Peer-led, we set the pace,
Ending with a circle of trust,
We embrace the F3 credo and mission to chase,
A better version of ourselves.

Through Tattnall Square Park we trek,
Mercer University’s campus we explore,
Scooter’s alma mater, we check,
The tall dorm stair, we adore.

Weezer had to leave early,
To go to the base,
But as usual, we talked a lot,
And found every stair and hill to grace.

With Little Big Bertha in sight,
We push ourselves to climb,
Rucking together, we unite,
F3 brothers, in heart and mind.

Announcements – 5ks coming up
Prayer/Praise – Peaches recovery, men to serve and appreciate our wives
Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.