Q: Maestro

PAX: Maestro, Capsize, Chaps, Twang, TI

INTRO:if you ever get to the wilderness a little early it’s a beautiful thing to watch chaps run over the hill carrying old glory. He serves well. The wilderness was cold this morning friends.
The air still but bitter and grass was a touch above frost, but stung like ice. But we persisted!

Slaughter starter 20 Burbees
Shoulder blasters:
Chinooks, Big arm circles, over head seal clap, seal lap, morracan night club

Daisy pickers
Imperial walkers

Catch me if you can in the front parking lot
Divided up 3 of us lunged walk while 2 backpedaled the loop to catch the lunge walkers then swapped off.
Rinsed and repeated several times
Moseyed to Newton chapel for some Bernie’s with squats at the top and derkins at the bottom
Rinse and repeat several times

TI EH’d a pedestrian while the rest of us help peoples chair

Mike Tyson’s ic 20
Peoples chairs several minutes with right leg left leg and chin stretch

Moseyed back to flag for rapid fire Mary

Maestro – dying cockroach
Capsize crunchy frog
TI crunchy frog
Twang crunch frog / LBC
Chaps Box cuttter

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – yep
Prayer/Praise –
To be good fathers and husband
Good conversation there