Q: Roll Tide

PAX: Boucher, TI, Weezer, Rascal, Cub


The day started with few words more than a disclaimer and let’s mosey. We had a long way to go and a short time to get there.


22’s Because, as you will see, it was a boring wienke, we added fun facts related to the number 22.

Grab a coupon and Cussack up to the dead end road.
22 goblet squats
mosey to the bottom of the hill
22 calf raises
mosey back up
22 squat thrusters
mosey down
22 derkins
mosey up
22 ohd. press
mosey down
22 irking
mosey up
22 kettle bell swings
mosey down
22 big boi sit ups
mosey up
22 curls (use short side and keep block horizontal to add forearm strength)
mosey down
22 ski hops side to side
mosey up
22 alpos
22 j los
Emmitt Smith Down (if you weren’t there you missed out)
22 ski hops front to back
rinse and repeat
Pair off 1 man running a receiver route and 1 man in coverage back up the hill
22, 2 ct. lunges with coupon
flap jack 1 man running receiver route and 1 man in coverage down the hill
22 aligator merkins
Pax choice frog hop cheetah sprint or bear crawl back up the hill
At the top of the hill PAX choice option A or B
Pax chose option B so we Cusack blocks back home and
ran hills 3 times up 2 times down
Then we did a plank while each man AMRAP pull ups

22 Rev LBC oyo
22 Flutter kicks ic
22 toe touches ic
22 leg raises oyo

COT: 5 years ago YHC’s life was out of control, but God was at work. God met me in my brokenness and said follow me, I’ll show you the way. Today we celebrated the goodness of God! Be encouraged to take some time today to reflect on God’s goodness in your life!
Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements –
Prayer/Praise – Thankful for our community the mission in which it stands and how it compliments what others are doing in the greater community of Macon/Bibb County.
Rascal’s buddy who had a wreck this morning.