Q: Roll Tide

PAX: Weezer

INTRO: YHC was ready to pack up and head to the Institution when Weezer rolled in. We did a improv Q that turned out to be a great beatdown.


Cotton Pickers x 10 ic
Don Quixotes x 10 ic
Trunk rotations x 7 ic each side
Bear Hugs x 10 ic
Chinooks x 10 ic


The dreaded EMOM clock.
7 round of 1 MOM:
15 merkins
15 squats
15 LBCs

Immediately shifted to:
7 Rounds of
15 leg raises
15 2ct. Flutter kicks

Next we Lunge walked from the park entrance to the water fountain

From there we shifted to our hardest evolution

3 rounds of:
EMOM 1 minute
15 Derkins
15 dips

Then we moseyed around 1/4 of the park.

Back to the lunge walk for another round

and back to those half moon rock benches for:

3 rounds of:
EMOM 75 seconds
15 Mike Tysons
15 Monkey Humpers

Mosey around 1/2 the park

and back to the lunge walk for another round

From there we went to an extended Mary that looked like:

Crab toe touches x 15 ic
Crab jacks x 15 ic
High Plank x 15 ic
Low plank x 15 ic
Reverse LBC x 15 ic
American Hammers x 15 ic
Flutter kicks x 15 ic
Toe touches x 15 ic
LBC x 15 ic
Dying Coach Roach x 15 ic
Big Boi Sit Ups x 15 oyo

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements –
Prayer/Praise – Praise that community was experienced this morning. That we would be present for our family, MC and the community as a whole. To enjoy the slow season in the rhythm of life.