Q: Capsize

PAX: Cub

INTRO: I found out what is the most difficult day of the year to raz the men up for a good beatdown. That would be today. Several are sick or out of town. I thought I was ghosted and was mustering up the strength to motivate myself to a solo beatdown when Cub rolls in at 7:01 and rescued the morning. I confess I was in bed by 9:00. Cub rang in the new year but here he was. Thanks Cub!

10 trunk rotations each way 4 count IC
10 Bear hugs 4 count Ic
25 SSH’s 4 count IC
20 imperial walkers 4 count IC
Back stretch and then started with an inch worm to the fountain, approx 10 yards

Fountain work:
10 4 count dips IC
10 4 count IC please to meet me
10 4 count IC curb alberts
Did 4 sets
Mosey around park and to soccer field where we
Someone had set up cones the length of the soccer field, image my surprise
High knees half the distance to cone 1 for 10 BBSU’s
Lunge walk to cone 2 for 5 burpees
And back, cone 3 was 25 squats, did 4 rounds

MARY: 25 4 count IC heels to heaven
20 4 count American hammer
30 4 count heel touches
10 each leg 4 count IC leg climbers
20 4 count IC LBC
We took the last 5 minutes to stretch

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.we did it
Announcements – none
Prayer/Praise – prayed for evangelism of Mercer, Cub’s house hold and search for a car