Q: Rainbow Row

PAX: CDO, ER, The Grinch, Q-Tip, Beach Body, Cousin Eddie, Rainbow Row (Q)

Intro- Disclaimer, Core Principles, Mission Statement, and Motto.

– SSH IC x20
– Squats 4C IC x10
– Daisy Pickers IC x10
– LAC IC x10
– BAC IC x 10
– Bear Hugs IC x10
Mosied .25 miles to warm up, and Mosied to pad.

The Thang

– each pax grabbed a coupon and dropped them on one corner of the pad. Pax Mosied to opposite corner.
At first corner, pax performs 11’s with burpees and merkins with burpees starting up at 10, and then 1 merkin. Run long edge of pad to next corner, turn and bear crawl short edge to coupons. 7 curls and 7 tricep ext. Run next long edge to corner, turn and lunge short edge to 11’s station. Repeat until full cycle of 11’s are done.

Some pax got lapped and the pax who finished early jumped in with the 6 and stayed with them until finished. Return coupons and Mosied back to flag.


Finished with 2 minutes to spare for Mary.
Leg lifts 4ct IC x10
LBCs OYO x 10
Hold 6 inches for 30 seconds

Celebrated 7 pax, most in a while. YHC shared recent experience of losing a basketball game by 1 pt and the reality of not being able to control circumstances around you and sometimes the only thing we can control is our attitude and our choices.

Celebrated Beach Body’s 2.0 and still in shock that he showed for a beat down this morning.

Prayer, Pledge, out.